mikey & matty



Vocals, Guitar, Piano / Matty Gervais
Guitar, Vox / Mikey Gervais



"The Gervais brothers have had a lifetime to perfect their harmonizing ways, and “Second Son” finds them at their absolute best." - Long Live The Album

"With its autumnal lyrical imagery, stately piano melody, and harmonies so subtly beautiful they ache, [Harbor island] meets romance squarely at the intersection of sunny warmth and bittersweetness." - The Sunbreak

“Second Son is a demonstration of the potency of a pair of brothers making music together: a cohesive, smooth song that highlights the pair’s musical cohesion." - KEXP

"beautifully layered arrangements and harmonies that complement a lyrical depth on par with anything else the Northwest folk scene has produced." - Yakima Herald

"Throw in a couple of beautifully played violins, keyboards, harmonicas, the craziest tambourine player I’ve ever seen, and layers of harmony with vocals and guitars and you’ve got yourself another fast up and coming band. Singing songs from their new LP, 'Harbor Island' out now, their songs had the entire crowd swaying, jumping, dancing, and singing. I’m keeping my eyes and ears on these guys." - Seattle Music Insider