We'll be returning to The Tractor next Thursday for a special acoustic set featuring some new material in support of our friends Ok Sweetheart and Kelli Schaefer.  We've been thinking a lot about the whole "unplugged" concept and how certain artists really understood how to thrive within those constraints.  We're going to attempt to do the same at this show, with special arrangements designed specifically for acoustic instrumentation.  In truth, we do this all the time, but it's always interesting to reconceptualize our approach.

The show's on November 19th at 8pm. 


This year has been one of hard work, followed by exhaustion, followed by hard work tinged with exhaustion, followed by hard work, working through the exhaustion to get back to work.  We've been out there doing shows as often as we can, but in truth this year is really about making this record we're now in the process of creating. 

We've tracked close to 20 songs with more studio dates on the books going into December.  Everything is 95% there with the exception of a few tunes we've yet to record.  When all is said and done, we'll then be faced with the challenge of deciding which tunes go where and what exactly this record will turn out to be. 

Either way we are proud of the monster we're creating and look forward to sharing it with everybody. 


Gentlemen of the Road

Thanks to Mumford and Sons, Foo Fighters, The Flaming Lips, The Maldives, Planes on Paper and Hey Marseilles and all of the incredible bands that showed us a good time this past weekend in Walla Walla. 

Over the weekend we had taco parties at our rental house, played the mainstage, crashed the stage at Kontos Wine Cellars and saw more than a few legendary bands do their thing. 

We owe everyone involved a big thanks for including us on such a lovely line-up. 




We had an incredible time this weekend east of the mountains with our good friends in Yakima.  We played to a packed house at Seasons Performance Hall and recieved two standing ovations.  That is most definitely a first for us.  Thanks Yakima for another incredible evening.

The following night we performed at Main Street Studios in Walla Walla, which ended up being a double-header bonanza.  Thanks to everyone who came out and grabbed a CD said hello to us and shared the night with us.  Also, a very huge thanks to the staff of Main Street Studios for taking such good care of us during our stay. 

We're lucky. 



Thanks Macefield

PHOTO: Niffer Calderwood

PHOTO: Niffer Calderwood

We, like, had a hella great time at Macefield Festival this past weekend catching a couple favorites like Mark Lanegan and Jesse Sykes and having the chance to debut some brand new jams to a packed house at The Tractor tavern.  Thanks to everyone involved for putting on and participating in a hell of a wonderful time this past weekend in Ballard. 

Nothing but love. 




We are pleased to unveil our new website to kick off the new year.  Visitors to the site will have access to special musical offerings, blog-posts, concert dates, photo galleries, videos, merchandise, lyrics, and all things related to Mikey and Matty.  Thanks for stopping by the site and drop us a line on the contact page.  Also, let us know if there's anything you'd like to see on this page and we'll try our best to deliver.  With love, M&M.